Thunderous results, lightning fast!

Acheive your fitness goals by accessing the expertise of a personal trainer while having the freedom to train when and where you want to! The online personal training offers mobile tracking of workouts, video exercise demonstration and continued access to fitness expert and owner/CEO of Lightning Built, Brandon Aldan through Skype, phone or email.

After you sign up, you'll fill out a consulation form to initiate the process. Then you will set up a time to talk directly with Brandon via phone or Skype. You can also correspond through email if preferred. Your program will then be personally designed by Brandon and loaded to your Lightning Built online personal training account. Everything will be laid out from exercise demonstration to sets and reps. You can then access your workouts anytime and anywhere. Workouts will be updated and adjusted based on your progress and feedback. Brandon welcomes workout and nutrition questions any time. It's like having a certified personal trainer on-call!

Fitness has never been so easy or effective!

Lightning Built offers three online personal training options:

Lightning Bods

Lightning Bods, give you access to an expert personal trainer at a fraction of the cost of hiring one at a gym. It also features a customized fitness program based on your goals designed by fitness expert, Brandon Aldan that will be accessible through your computer or mobile device (i.e. smartphone or tablet) using the heralded Trainerize platform.

Lightning Built Virtual Personal Training

The Virtual Personal Training program is the most popular. Virtual Personal Training is the perfect option for those that don't need a trainer right there every minute of your workout but still want a personalized program designed by a fitness expert.The main feature is a personalized program that is developed specifically for your goals and ability level. Through your Lightning Built account on your computer or an app on a mobile device, you will have all of your workouts scripted out with video clips of each exercise as well as, the ability to log sets, reps, etc. to keep track of your progress. Your training plan can be adjusted based on your progress and feedback to ensure that you are always on the right track. 

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm offers full-access features to LightningBuilt Virtual Personal Training. In addition to all the features included with Virtual Personal Training, The Perfect Storm includes nutritional guidance with a meal plan to maximize and accelerate results. 

Thunder Struck Sports Performance Training

Train for any sport with a program designed by a professional strength and conditioning coach. All programs are personalized and designed specifically for your goals through direct consultation with Brandon Aldan who has trained hundreds of athletes of every sport from recreational athletes to pros and Olympians.

You can focus on any or all aspects of your sport or target specific attributes like speed, agility, power, etc. You can also access your workouts anywhere by using your mobilie device. Online sports performance training includes continued correspondence with Brandon to guage progress and make program modifications. 

Thunder Down Under

Lightning Built's most economical option, Thunder Down Under, is designed specifically for women to build a round, beautiful butt while also targeting common problem areas. This training option includes online and mobile access to all the workouts but, is not customized. Although, Thunder Down Under has various starting levels for all fitness abilities from beginner to advanced. Though, it does not include the comprehensive consultation, you will still have access to Brandon through the Trainerize in-system messaging or email for clarification or questions regarding the Thunder Down Under program.  It's a great option for people interested in quality workouts at a lower cost.

 Fitness has never been so easy or effective!


"Brandon's workouts are amazing! He really listens to your goals and goes out of his way to make sure you're staying on track and happy with your results." Sarah P.

"I can't believe the results I've got with just a short time with Brandon. After trying every fad workout and diet, I just couldn't find something I enjoyed and could stick with. Brandon is encouraging and supportive while holding you accountable. I love the online system too." Heather M.

"I was skeptical about online personal training but, it's easily way better than any personal trainer I've worked with. It's convenient with my crazy work schedule to just go to the gym when I can and open the app on my IPhone. Brandon has every workout layed out for me step by step and even has videos for every exercise when I forget how to do it." Tom P.

"I highly recommend Aldan Performance!!! Brandon is very professional while still being personable and easy to discuss exercise concerns. I've always had body image problems and Brandon is the only person that can genuinely listen while being-nonjudgemental. He'll do everything he can to help you." Allison G.

"Online personal training is way better than I thought it would be. I was just looking for some workout guidance but, I didn't want to pay for a personal trainer anymore because I've spent thousands of dollars over the years with hardly any noticeable results. I got way more out of my first month of online personal training than years of workout out with different personal trainers." Deandra D.

"Brandon is the best trainer in the world! He challenges you but, keeps you wanting to come back for more more. I've never met anyone that knows more about the science of exercise. He's truly an expert and gives me confidence that I'm doing the right things." Julie H.

"I will never train with anybody other than Aldan Performance. I'm so happy with my results! My friends and family noticed before I did. I always tried to find clothes that hide my body and now I'm wearing whatever I want and I'm not afraid to show off the new bod. I'm a little embarrassed how much I check myself out in the mirror though"


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 Lightning Built online account and training app integrates with many fitness apps and wearables.


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