Thunder Struck Sports Performance


Today's athletes are more explosive than ever. Gone are the days that you can get an edge just by doing something, anything, extra. Moreover, just lifting weights isn't going to cut it as far as, keeping up with the genetic freaks out there. You need to have a comprehensive plan in place that works on every athletic quality that you need to accel at your sport and position. Well, now you can get access to the world class strength and conditioning of Brandon Aldan's Lightning Built right on your smartphone.

The Thunder Struck Sports Performance program is a customized plan developed specifically for your sport's demands while taking into consideration your particular needs. 

After you sign up, you'll fill out a consulation form to initiate the process. Then you will set up a time to talk directly with strength and conditioning expert, Brandon Aldan via phone or Skype. You can also correspond through email if preferred. Your program will then be personally designed by Brandon and loaded to your Lightning Built online account. Everything will be laid out from exercise demonstration to sets and reps. You can then access your workouts anytime and anywhere. Workouts will be updated and adjusted based on your progress and feedback. Brandon welcomes workout and nutrition questions any time. It's like having a certified strength and conditioning coach on-call!           


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Thunder Bolt Hockey Performance


Today’s hockey game is all about speed and agility. Moreover, the demands of hockey are completely different than any other sport. Many coaches and players make the mistake of using training programs of other sports but, this can be a big mistake because it minimizes carryover and can even increase injury risk by not placing sufficient attention on hockey-related movements.

Thunder Bolt Off-Ice Training is built on science-based progressions targeting every aspect of hockey performance. Each athlete will learn the proper movement patterns needed for elite play.  Thunderbolt Off-Ice training will develop speed, agility, power, endurance, flexibility and more. Hockey players will feel the difference every time they step on the ice.

Thunder Bolt Hockey has limited spaces available for those living in the St. Louis area but, the program is now available online! Virtual performance training is the revolutionary way to gain access to the world class training programs of Brandon Aldan's Lightning Built typically, only available to a small number of athletes. Now you can train like the pros at a fraction of the cost. 

Jon Cooper, former head coach of NAHL St Louis Bandits and current NHL head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning  “I truly believe Brandon’s training played a big role in our (St Louis Bandits) success as a team. The guys were always the stronger team in the third period and overtime because of their work with Brandon.”

John Malloy, Hockey Director, Gilmour Academy-”While at Gilmour Academy as our strength coach, I had the pleasure to work with Brandon Aldan on a regular basis. His attention to detail, willingness to stay at the cutting edge of knowledge, as well as his ability to communicate effectively to players, elevates him as one of the best young performance enhancers in hockey today. I highly recommend any program he is associated with.”


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For those interested in on-site personal training, off-ice hockey training or small group sports performance training:

Phone: 636-525-1376